Producer of tomato paste & all kind of sauces , Pickled & jams

1&1 is the brand which Dashte Morghab Group, a leading agro-industrial firm, has chosen for its processed food products. Among dozens of major food industry firms in Iran, Dashte Morghab (Morghab plains) is undoubtedly the far most, biggest, and most recognized concern. The establishment of this company, in Iran in 1976 was in fact a turning point for the country's modern processed food industry. Dashte Morghab Group was initially brought in to existence with the construction of a plant in Dashte Morghab region.

The history of Dashte Morghab Group is actually synonymous with that of the modern
Processed food industry in Iran. Within a mere decade after its establishment, the company expanded its facilities to match those of the decade the group had manage to gain a huge market for its products, supplying about 95% of the Iranian market's canned dish food, 70% of canned vegetables and 50% of tomato paste.

The Group has had steady growth since its establishment, but since 1989 this growth has been substantial. To the extent that the production has grown from 15,000 metric tons per year in 1989 to 50,000 tons today.

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