About Proteins Company

Kuwait Proteins Company W.L.L. closed to Limited Liability Company was established in year 1982 and started operating successfully across Kuwait.

The company divisions are specialized in supplying and distributing a variety of highest quality of food & disposable products from all over the world.

The founder and chairman of Kuwait Proteins Co. Mr. Al-Fouzan.

KUWAIT PROTEINS has a proud tradition of close on 35 years of quality service in food & disposable products Sector.

The company has earned an excellent reputation by combining expertise and experience with high-quality Products.

We do search for quality products around the world to serve our customers with the best regional and International Brands as well as very selective outsourcing for own products.

Kuwait Proteins Co. supplies cooperatives, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, clubs, wholesalers, catering companies, mini-markets, bakeries, pastries, convenient stores and retail food outlets.

Our customers are always the focal point of our business for which we constantly analyze our services to meet their needs. Kuwait Proteins Co. believes that the essential investment is in satisfying customers.

Guided by the built in policy of integration and open communication, the company supports and develops human resources as a core competence towards achieving differentiated market pre-disposition.

After almost 35 years of continued success, Kuwait Proteins Co. is proudly now one of the top 10 food distributing companies in Kuwait.

KUWAIT PROTEINS is a food & disposable products provider. We value the combination of expertise, inventiveness and specialized products as the key.

Ingredients towards offering our customers the high quality products they require. We strive to fulfill the needs of four critical stakeholder groups:

  • Customers: to deliver a high quality product tailored to customers’ specific needs.
  • Employees: to offer challenging work, personal development opportunities and a clear career perspective.
  • Partners: to cooperate on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit.
  • Society: to act with due care for the environment and the community.

To be the leading player in the market for food & disposable products sector, preferred by customers due to the high perceived added value of its integrated package of products & service offerings.

  • Leading player:To be first or second in all selected businesses.
  • Global market:To be recognised on a world-wide scale.
  • Integrated package:To offer customers a family of services tailored to their needs.
  • High perceived added value:To focus on highly regarded specialist products.