Our Brands


Mccain is the largest producer of French fries in the world. McCain has built its reputation by providing highest quality possible, consistent size, texture, taste, high & superior yield throughout the year.

Good food is McCain’s core business. Through the Food Service and Retail Divisions, McCain products are found in thousands of restaurants and supermarket freezers.
The product range includes-potato products, beverages, juices, pizzas, frozen vegetables, desserts and frozen appetizers.

McCain is dedicated to creating good food and a better life for our consumers, customers, employees, and the communities that we working in, worldwide.



Since its first steps in 1996, Siblou has been dedicated to provide its customers with a wide range of quality seafood products as well as exceptional service.

Siblou’s journey has been a challenge: a challenge to deal with a commodity as vulnerable as seafood, a challenge to insure reliable and consistent supply, a challenge to continuously cater and develop truly superior products to meet the requirements of increasingly sophisticated consumers despite their cultural differences and habits. More than 400 million consumers can enjoy Siblou products in over 27 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. With over 90 SKUs, Siblou is leading the seafood retail category in most of the markets it penetrated.


Adriana is the best seafood solution for consumers who are looking for a variety of seafood products. It is also targeted to shoppers who want to enjoy seafood taste at an affordable cost.

Adriana is defined as: Simply Seafood.

Adriana is always committed to meet daily needs of healthy nutrition produced and handled with accurate care until reaching the consumer’s hands.

Adriana is a specialized seafood brand; its range of retail and food service products includes several SKUs of mostly frozen but chilled and canned as well.


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Alisya Pastry produce homemade frozen cakes with the perfect blend of quality, taste and value principles.

We add the quality with the raw materials we use, our special recipes and our love for our business with our cakes.

Plein Soliel

Plein Soleil offers not only a diversified range of quality food products, but over a decade of excellence in food production as well.

Plein Soleil’s goods taste fresh all year round; the vegetables are picked at the pinnacle of perfection and frozen or canned promptly to lock their nutrients in.

Plein Soleil is the result of unrivaled traditional knowhow, innovative research, advanced technology and strict quality control.


Trebon provides high quality frozen Edamame to satisfy every customer’s needs with healthy snacks.


Enjoy Cheese Frico Dutch fame and popularity all over the world. Made from fresh milk of Friesian cows, it is naturally aging industry and cheeses at the hands of expert cheese makers in order to provide good net and original taste of nature at its best.

Frico cooperative association began in 1898 when it united six factories for dairy products and formed Friesian Cooperative Society for the export of dairy products. It is now one of the main trademarks of multinational FrieslandCampina dairy products.

Frico using excellent components to ensure the time outweigh the taste of authentic Dutch cheese. Three basic factors play an essential role in the production of Frico Cheese: the origin and the skill and natural goodness.


Greenland is the leading Egyptian white cheese producer. Their product includes European style feta cheese, processed cheese, milk, juices and fresh dairy items. Working both in the retail and food service sectors, Greenland now produces a more specialized line of mozzarella cheese to meet the needs of fast food and restaurants chains.

Established in 1995, Greenland is now available in almost all the Middle Eastern markets, several countries in Africa and in Europe, the United States of America and Canada.

Being the world’s largest producers of white cheese in tetra pack for several years, Greenland is committed to innovation, technology and premium quality.


Lactalis is a family-run group business, with a presence in nearly 150 countries. It specializes in major dairy products. Lactalis has several reputable brands under it. One of these brands is Bridel.

Bridel started out as a dairy trading business in butter, eggs and cream. Founded in 1846 in Martigne-Ferchaud (Brittany), the company grew with each generation and diversified its business, notably in 1917 when it moved into cheese production. In the 1960s it became the largest dairy producer in the west of France. Bridel products are made in Brittany to reflect the company’s values of authenticity, simplicity and savoir-faire.



Bulgarian Cheese is made in Bulgaria at SHEEPKA, Kallassi Trading’s factory. This cheese is made of 100% fresh cow milk or 100% fresh sheep milk with no additives using a unique recipe and the old traditional manual production process to guarantee the best quality and taste. Handmade cheese prepared from the heart, this brand offers people the best tasting Bulgarian cheese all year long. It boasts the authentic flavors of homemade goodness and the difference is in the taste.


Acqua Panna take its name from the famous Villa Panna in the hills of Tuscany, where the water was first discovered, located 3700 feet high in the serene Apennines mountains. Acqua Panna mineral water caresses the palate and best enhances the subtle flavors of the most delicate food and wine. Acqua Panna is limpid and luminous and has neither bubbles nor any off-putting odor, and at the first sip has a pleasant, fresh taste. Acqua Panna is low-acid in type, and carries few mineral salt. To the taste it is light as a feather, pleasantly soft and velvety. Acqua Panna shows a perfect balance in all its components.

Acqua Panna mineral water bottle reaches our tables’ unaltered thanks to accurate analysis and rigorous daily checks. Placed on an uncontaminated land, the springs are constantly protected from undesired accesses. The unique organoleptic properties of this fine bottled mineral water are preserved through an highly sophisticated monitoring system.


Since 1899 – for more than a century – Sanpellegrino Group has been a well-established name throughout the world, synonymous with the highest quality. Distributed in over 120 countries in all five continents, all its products – from non-alcoholic aperitifs to soft drinks – represent quality excellence, especially its extraordinary mineral waters.

San Pellegrino mineral water has been produced for over 600 years. S.Pellegrino mineral water streams out from a thermal spring at 700 meters, right in the heart of the Italian Alps. It is the result of an extraordinary combination of the exceptionally pure water and minerals.

Perfectly brilliant, it distinguishes itself in its fine bubbles and subtle mineral aromas. Its structure is a masterpiece of elegant gustative harmony where one is greeted by intense yet pleasing sensation of fragrant freshness.

Sanpellegrino are the quintessence of Italian lifestyle and good taste, thus gracing the world’s finest dining tables.


The brand embodies a date instead of name, 1883, underlining more than 130 years of expertise.

From the beginning, Philibert Routin and his successors agreed to follow a never-ending pursuit of perfection. The perfect alchemy of their syrups distils down to three elemental words: purity, authenticity and aromatic intensity. The theatre for this historical quest has not changed, continuing to flourish in the French Alps where water and air rival in purity, and where high-standards appear as an integral part of the surrounding geography.

Beyond this natural boundary, 1883 syrups play on their aromatic depth to impart their French touch around the world to the greatest barmen and baristas. This tradition of audacity continues to blaze an innovative and creative path hand in hand with professionals.

Sweet'n Low

Cumberland Packing Corp. is a family owned and operated business, serving the public for almost 60 years. Their product lines underscore the important roles diet and exercise play in maintaining good health, making products such as Sweet n’ Low®, helping millions of people manage their weight by sweetening food and beverages without added sugars and unnecessary calories, and the In The Raw® selection of premium sweeteners, enabling consumers to have versatility.

The company was established in 1957 serving only restaurants and café in the United States. Sweet n’ Low is now the leader in the artificial low calories sweetener worldwide.

Cumberland Packing portfolio expanded to have sweeteners, jelly, syrups, desserts and jams.


Making the foods you crave work for you, not against you.

Quest fans love their bars, cookies, chips.

Enjoying a Quest product represents freedom. It’s the freedom to eat the foods you crave whenever those cravings hit. We want to share the joy of our foods with everyone enjoying a Quest product represents freedom. It’s the freedom to eat the foods you crave whenever those cravings hit. We want to share the joy of our foods with everyone.

nuts 'n more

Nuts ‘N More is not just your standard nut butter. With added high quality protein, Nuts ‘N More nut butters are in a league of their own. With incredible flavour combinations, and of course healthy fats and natural protein sources from nuts, Nuts ‘N More is a tasty way to reach all your nutritional requirements.


Alpro is a company based in Belgium that markets organic and nonorganic, non-genetically modified, soy based food and drink products. It employs about 910 people and has manufacturing plants in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.

Alpro is a company with a vision; a vision of a world where more of what we eat comes directly from plants – planet friendly, sustainable and healthy. Alpro voyage of discovery started over 30 years ago with naturally nutritious soya, turning it into plant-based alternatives to milk, yogurt and cream, meat and margarine, so that anyone and everyone could enjoy delicious plant powered foods. Now almond and hazelnut drinks have just been added to our ever-growing list.


Antonio Amato pasta, as it is known today, is the result of a long family history of pasta-making and a determination to be at the cutting edge of the pasta industry by using the most modern technology. The family passion for pasta dates back to 1868. In the 40-odd years since then, the company has continued to expand with the times. Today the company can claim to be one of the biggest pasta producers in Italy. Its fame is still based on the very high quality of its products, together with the extremely wide range it offers. It is now known all over the world wherever people share the Amato passion of pasta.


THE ST DALFOUR RANGE 100% Fruit Spreads

St. Dalfour is a privately owned family company under the same ownership since its founding in 1984. St. Dalfour Fruit Spreads, made from natural fruits and free of any preservatives or added sugar, are delivered from our production facility to 120 countries. St. Dalfour is the first company to have applied special concentrated grape juice from which the aroma and flavor was removed during the jam production, which made it possible to produce naturally sweet 100% jam without added sugar.


A major brand for Power Root Company, Ali Café is a premix coffee drink with Tongkat Ali and Ginseng. It’s a blend of coffee made from Arabica & Robusta fine coffee beans, combined with quality creamer from Europe for smoothness & heavenly aroma.

POWER ROOT (M) SDN. BHD. was founded on 23 July 1999 in Johor Bahru, Johor. It is a leading company to develop and promote herbal energy drinks fortified with two main rainforest herbs. With the determination to promote these local products in the international market, Power Root has invested heavily in research and development of these traditional herbs to create its own brand of products.

Ali Café portfolio includes instant standard and premium coffee mixes, cappuccino and instant coffee specialties. Moreover, Power Root developed its unique Ali Tea lineup to meet the Asian consumer needs and taste.


Buitoni believes everything that leaves their kitchen has to be extraordinary. Buitoni philosophy is taking the simplest, more health full ingredients and artfully combining them for an extraordinary meal. From the hills of Tuscany among verdant fields of wheat, tomatoes, vegetables, olives and herbs stands Casa Buitoni. Casa Buitoni is the symbol of ongoing, creativity and tradition.

It’s here where Buitoni products are conceived, created and sampled. The best flour of the surrounding country side embarks on a long journey making them premium quality pasta. It is here that consumers come to see the Buitoni values brought to life. It is just another way to share Buitoni passion for Italian Food and culture with the world.


Usine Laveluxe Industrielle was established in 1964. They started a new semi-professional and manual business to produce vinegars, syrups, blossom water, rose water and grenadine molasses under the brand name Yamama that was locally distributed. Year on year the business developed rapidly and new automated equipment were introduced to the plant to meet the increasing demands.


Nawar is a flagship brand from United Foods Company grown since 1976 across the MENA region. “Nawar” is the Arabic word for flower, intimating the natural, nutritious goodness/lightness of nature. Nawar promotes an active lifestyle through healthy and light food.


Nawar Margarine is the core of Nawar SKU menu. Margarine is an ideal choice for all your spreading, baking, stir frying and roasting. Margarine adds the rich buttery taste and golden color in roasting or stir frying.



The name Felchlin is the synonym for products of the highest quality. Felchlin’s success as a producer in a niche market can be attributed to the foundation in traditional chocolate production processes, specialized know-how and customer focus.

Max Josef Felchlin founded the company in 1908 by starting the importing of honey. Later the company expanded its product range by producing fillings, covertures, chocolates coatings, and other semi-finished components.

The company domicile and production plant of Felchlin Switzerland is located in Schwyz, in the heart of Switzerland, in the middle of Europe, where the transformation of the cacao bean to noble chocolate using original, traditional methods occurs.

Today Felchlin products are exported to more than 40 countries all over the world. To ensure professionalism Felchlin’s as training center “Condirama” for training Pastry Chefs from all over the world.


The Name PreGel stands for Premium Ingredients. Just to set the record straight, Pregel has been providing authentic ingredients solutions that yield success for dessert makers for over 45 years. The ingredient solutions include flavors, toppings, instant dessert bases, pastes and unique ingredient innovations for creating gelato, soft serve, frozen yogurt, pastry and other specialty desserts.

Quality standards are just one of the features of PreGel products.


CSM Bakery Solutions is an international leader in the baking industry, producing one of the industry’s broadest ranges of products for customers in more than 100 countries. BakeMark offers a broad, innovative portfolio of premium quality bakery ingredients, finished products and services for retail and foodservice markets as well as artisan and industrial bakeries. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, CSM is dedicated to developing and providing solutions that drive customer growth and success.

CSM connects bakeries and businesspeople with an international presence that includes 34 manufacturing facilities, 26 distribution centers, four innovation centers of excellence and more than 8,500 employees.