Masters in Fruits
Aldia, Commitment to Excellence !

Aldia is a Belgian family company specialized in the production of glazes, fruit fillings, fruit compotes and jams for catering and confectionary applications. The company has a very long tradition and thanks to its experience, it is considered as one of leaders in its field. Aldia still has its own orchards where experiments with different fruit types are done.

For the institutional market Aldia has developed a few strong and strategic products : diabetic jams with extremely low caloric values (based on fructose, maltitol or 100 % fruit base) packed in portions and/or glass jars.

Beside this, Aldia becomes more and more the reference for its fruit fillings with high fruit definition for pastry applications. A lot of pastry chefs all over the world enjoy working with Aldia as it stands for steady and superior quality. Aldia is being proudly distributed all over the world.

Aldia is also very present in the industrial segment of the market. Tailor-made recipes, developed according to the requirements of the customer, are aseptically packed in drums or containers. A guaranteed shelf life of about 2 years without any addition of preservatives and conservation in ambient temperature is no problem: this is the real aseptic !



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