Antonio Amato - Italian Pasta !

A passion - Then as now

Antonio Amato pasta, as it is known today, is the result of a long family history of pasta-making and a determination to be at the cutting edge of the pasta industry by using the most modern technology. The family passion for pasta dates back to 1868. 

In the 40-odd years since then, the company has continued to expand with the times. Today the company can claim to be one of the biggest pasta producers in Italy. Its fame is still based on the very high quality of its products, together with the extremely wide range it offers. It is now known all over the world wherever people share the Amato passion of pasta.

Antonio Amato offers an amazing range of pasta products. At present there are more than 160 shapes of pasta in different sizes, including our Standard shapes, Specialties, Egg Pasta and "Specialissimi", the bronze drawn line.

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