"To promote the use of fruit amongst the culinary professionals"

From the very beginning, les vergers Boiron have gained their reputation from selecting the best fruit from the world's best agricultural regions. We pick the fruit at the peak of their ripeness to seize their optimal flavor. We transform them in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory in Valence where we have perfected the process of flash pasteurization to preserve all the fruit's natural qualities: fragrance, flavor, color and texture.

There isn't a single step of the process that escapes Les Vergers Boiron quality control, from the selection of raw fruit, through the processing stages to the finished product. The flash pasteurization process is adapted to the characteristics of each fruit and eliminates bacteria, while the heat-sealed trays used for the purees ensure optimal food safety. IQF products also undergo rigorously strict controls before they reach the market.

The Les vergers Boiron frozen fruit coulis contains up to 95% fruit, and the best of them. Along with their viscosity that is harmonized across the various flavors, this formulation of Les vergers Boiron Fruit Coulis meets professionals' expectations and customers' tastes.

Thus, we offer a consistent quality and fruit availability all year long.

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