Bridel started out as a dairy trading business in butter, eggs and cream. Founded in 1846 in Martigne-Ferchaud (Brittany), the company grew with each generation and diversified its business, notably in 1917 when it moved into cheese production. In the 1960s it became the largest dairy producer in the west of France.

Bridel products are made in Brittany to reflect the company's values of authenticity, simplicity and savoir-faire. Bridel specializes in creams and light dairy spreads in France.

In 1994, Bridel launched its Rondele flavored with garlic and fines herbs, followed in the next year by two major innovations: the Bridelice and Bridelight butter tubs. Bridel milk and emmental were launched on the international market in 1997.

In 2008, BRIDEL is launching a complete range of full cream milk powder to let the consumers enjoy the great quality and excellent taste of the BRIDEL milk in an instant formula!

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