About Frico


Frico is a brand of Dutch cheeses made from milk from Friesian cows. The range includes traditional brands such as Edam, Gouda and Maasdam as well as a number of specialty cheeses. Frico has a rich history for more than 110 years and is known and loved worldwide.

Frico began as cooperation in 1898 when six dairy factories joined forces to form the Foundation of Friesian Cooperative Dairy Export Association. It is now one of the main brands of the multinational dairy company Friesland Campina.

Frico uses premium ingredients to ensure its authentic Dutch cheeses taste consistently superior. Three key factors are essential to the production of Frico cheeses: origin, craftsmanship, natural goodness and authentic taste of nature at its best.



Frico cheese has won many international accolades for its cheeses, which confirms its great taste and quality. In 2004, Frico Old Dutch Master was awarded a gold medal in its class as well as overall World Champion at the World Champion Cheese Contest in Wisconsin (USA).

Quality assurance

Frico is dedicated to producing top quality cheeses which is why it uses only the finest ingredients.

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