Ice berg Ice-Cream is owned by the famous Lebanese company, Liban Jus.
The range covers fruity flavors, chocolate, vanilla and even ice creams specially designed for diets.
Iceberg Ice-Cream was recently introduced to Kuwait, and the products were met with great success.

Our History In 1959, the founder of Liban Jus, Mikhael Gharios, pioneered the fruit juice business in the near east area when he established the first factory in Beirut.
Through out half a century of experience and know-how, Liban Jus kept its priorities:
* Premium quality product; and
* Distinctive customer satisfaction The high quality of Liban Jus products is due to more than fine raw materials; the latest technologies allow Liban Jus to achieve a deeper involvement in quality.
Liban Jus is always on the breaking edge of technology and automation, adopting sophisticated automatic control techniques to assert itself as a strong leader in this industry.

Our products are the Lebanese market leaders in each of the Fruit Juice, IceCream and Gelatin Deserts markets. The future looks bright, as Liban Jus is looking to expand throughout the region, in a step to achieve our vision of worldwide coverage.

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