One Century Competence in sweet specialities

Kessko expertise is evident right from the outset with the selecting and refining of all essential raw material compounds. This is how Kessko manufactures all its chocolates and chocolate-containing products: in-house starting from the raw cocoa.

Kessko is the contact partner for the cooking/baking/freezing trade and also supplies bakeries, patisseries and ice-cream parlours, as well as hotels, restaurants, catering firms and motorway rest facilities not to mention medical establishments.

The innovative product development and application techniques tried out at Kessko's are your guarantee that, in addition to classic recipe ideas, high-quality special recipes are produced and then made available to you, the baking craftsman, via our Kessko specialist advisors.

In our house new products are developed, tried, tested and evaluated for a wide variety of applications. Creativity in the baking trade is taken very seriously by our Kessko specialists, for the recipes they develop should emphasize and underline the superb quality of the Kessko products that you, our customer, are offering at your establishment.

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