For premium food ingredients you've come to the right place

Macphie has been creating innovative, premium food ingredients for over 80 years. Our bakers and chefs never tire of developing the next generation of exciting products, recipes and solutions to help your business to succeed.

We offer a great choice of cake and bread mixes and concentrates icings and fillings, savory sauces, sweet sauces and toppings, desserts, fruit coulis, dairy cream alternatives, glazes, release agents, stuffing's, butters and IQF pellets.

Our hallmarks are the outstanding quality, consistency and convenience of our products and our commitment to offering the best customer service.

Everyday, we bring imaginative solutions to a range of customers in diverse markets - in 40 countries.

Macphie is organized into three commercial divisions: Industrial, Wholesale and Retail. Each comprises sales, marketing and technical experts who understand your business needs and work in long-term, confidential partnerships to help you gain a competitive advantage.