Masafi: "Premium Products for Better Life"

Masafi, the leading producer of pure natural mineral water in the entire Gulf, was established in year 1976. The company has retained its market leadership for the past three decades by providing world-class products which are renowned for their pure natural freshness.

Being a leading brand that delivers to consumer needs, Masafi's wide product portfolio includes mineral water, tissues, juices, potato chips, flavored water and more. Masafi also launched Gallon mineral water.

Masafi has reigned as brand leader of mineral water in the UAE for over 28 years. Its success soon spread all over the middle east, some part of Europe, Africa and Asia.

The source of Masafi pure and natural mineral water lies among the foothills of the Masafi mountains in the RAS AL KHAIMAH region No additives are used for bacteriological disinfection.

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