KPC Objectives

  • Increase our market share for branded and private label products.
  • Achieve above market growth rate (Double digit growth rate).
  • Keep away of commoditized market and capitalize on premium quality products.
  • Competitive advantage through maintaining differentiated strategy for promoting our brands, and developing our people.
  • Create orbit sister companies in the region countries to leverage of our wide distribution network and financial capabilities.

Projected KPC Plan

  • Focus intensively on specialization as solution and strategy for maintaining growth for coming years.
  • Usurp sound opportunities from market via our dedicated marketing team. This can be achieved through establishing independent divisions under the patronage of Kuwait Proteins Co.
  • Leverage from financial and knowhow of our holding group of companies to attain optimal results in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.
  • Work on promising acquisitions inside and outside market to strengthen our market positioning and add up more brands to our portfolio.
  • Focus on developing and enhancing our corporate private label brand in Kuwait and region.
  • Diversification strategy towards other industries yet under specialized umbrella in order not to lose focus.