Rawaby launched end of 1994, offering for the first time, a vegetable ghee that challenged consumers to deliver on the taste and aroma of natural "zebda fallahi". Rawaby since has been a mega brand appealing to all socio-economic classes.

Rawaby has always been the innovator in the ghee category, always finding ways to add to the ghee market and others later follow. Rawaby carried several researches paving the way to September 2001 re-launch with an enhanced flavor, refreshed packaging,
Rawaby stepped into 2009 with one of the highest market shares for the brand at 30.5%. The strong equity for the brand enabled the brand to maintain its strong position.

The village and the grass on Rawaby's pack are all real. In 2001, a photo shoot was carried out where Rawaby's team went to take professional photographs of real villages in Upper Egypt to be used for Rawaby's pack design.

Rawaby is both MRPII class A and Quality Mark certified. These certificates are part of the company's insistence on delivering the best quality to its consumers.