Saladitos - Lupin Beans

Saladitos are producers of jarred lupine beans. They are excellent quality imported directly from Spain. The fruit of the lupine plant, which has the same name of the plant (lupine), is eaten as an appetizer in the Mediterranean regions, once it has been marinated in brine.

Its appealing golden color conceals excellent nutritional content, which has been known about throughout history, but forgotten in recent time’s 38% protein - 24% carbohydrates of slow assimilation. - 24% vegetable rough fiber (the WHO recommends 35gr. fiber to maintain the digestive system in good working order) - 7.55 % minerals (7,6mg of Iron per 100 gram of lupine seeds, 180mg. of calcium per 100gr of unshelled lupine seeds.

The lupine seed is one of the oldest leguminous plants cultivated and was one of the dietary pillars of the all Mediterranean peoples.

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