Siblou. leaders in seafood.

Since its first steps in 1996, Siblou has been dedicated to provide its customers with a wide range of quality seafood products and an exceptional service.

Siblou's journey has been a challenge: a challenge to deal with a commodity's vulnerable as seafood, a challenge to insure reliable and consistent supply, a challenge to continuously cater and develop truly superior products to meet the requirements of increasingly sophisticated consumers despite their cultural differences and habits.

Thanks to the efforts and continuous support of a network of international suppliers, scattered over the five continents, united with the common commitment to quality, thanks to a dedicated team in companys facilities' in Lebanon, Vietnam, China, and India.

Siblou's maturity was reflected in its logo uplift. Siblou new logo shows more volume and enhanced legibility while preserving its spirit. Gradually, the product range rejuvenation followed to expand and diversify in depth existing ranges to meet today's segmented consumer demand.. With over 90 SKUs, Siblou is leading the seafood retail category in most of the markets it penetrated.

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