Yamama - Lebanon

Usine Laveluxe Industrielle was established in 1964 by the Efforts of its founder Ahmad Ataya in Shiyah as a small manufacturing industry for the production of Laveluxe soap and Laundry powder. They started a new semi-professional and manual business to produce vinegars, syrups, blossom water, rose water and grenadine molasses under the brand name Yamama that was locally distributed. Year on year the business developed rapidly and new automated equipments were introduced to the plant to meet the increasing demands.

Yamama became leading brand in the manufacturing of apple vinegar, grape vinegar, Balsamic vinegar, Grenadine molasses, and syrups using the best raw materials and in accordance with international standards, product specifications, and best manufacturing and hygiene practices. Now Yamama can be found strongly in the gulf markets and some western countries.

Thanks to consumerís trust in Yamama Excellence more than 65% of the plantís production is exported abroad in addition to its strong presence in the local market.

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