The Kuwaiti consumer market is characterized by a high standard of living, with a preference for quality products and brands. Consumers are tech-savvy and value convenience, with a growing interest in health

Kuwait’s retail landscape presents a diverse mix of Modern Trade, COOPs, and Traditional Trade channels. Leading the way are hypermarkets like Sultan and Lulu, with local COOPs in each geographic area and convenience stores like Trolley also playing significant roles.

Our sales force operates within the Kuwaiti market, covering all regions and areas to ensure comprehensive brand representation and distribution.

We employ various strategies such as strategic product placement, attractive displays, and effective signage to secure both primary and secondary visibility for partner brands in retail outlets across Kuwait.

We have robust inventory management systems in place, coupled with efficient supply chain processes and dedicated merchandisers assigned to each outlet, to ensure consistent availability of products in stores at all times.

We utilize advanced tools like WMS for inventory management, and Oracle and Tableau for tracking sales data, analyzing performance metrics, and understanding market trends.

Our logistics team works diligently to coordinate and optimize delivery schedules, utilizing technology-driven solutions to ensure on-time and organized deliveries to all outlets across Kuwait, including weekends.

We provide comprehensive support to international suppliers, including market insights, marketing assistance, and logistical support to facilitate successful partnerships and market entry into Kuwait.

We evaluate potential partners based on factors such as brand reputation, product quality, market fit, and growth potential within the Kuwaiti market.

We employ a combination of strategic marketing initiatives, distribution channels, and consumer engagement strategies to ensure the success and growth of partner brands in the Kuwaiti market.

We have forged successful partnerships with renowned international brands, resulting in significant market share gains and brand recognition within Kuwait. Please refer to the brands section to know more.

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Our figures reinforce our entrepreneurial spirit, which inspires our Company to continue exceeding the expectations of customer, shopper and end consumers.

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